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This section is for members to find updates about facility opening, guidelines for operations, and a list of frequently asked questions on the 2020 season.

Sign-Up Here To Swim At The Pool

Phase 3 opening is for lap swimming only. All swimmers need to sign-up for a time slot using the link below to gain access to the pool. This will help control capacity restrictions. Lap swim capacity is 20 swimmers per session. We are offering early morning adult lap swim and open lap swim. A lifeguard will have the daily list and check-in members at the front desk.

The link to the sign-up tool will become active on Saturday, June 14th for adult lap Swim and open lap swim. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO SWIM

  1. Q: When will the pool open this year? A: It’s too early to say for sure.  Local public health authorities will dictate our schedule, but we remain hopeful for July 1st
  2. Q: If the pool opens, will there be pool furniture?  A: The plan is to have a few tables to use but members will have to bring their own chairs
  3. Q: Will we have to sign up to go to the pool?  A: It is likely that attendance will be limited to a percentage of capacity.  We plan on having members sign up for two-hour blocks of time utilizing an online system.
  4. Q: Will there be guests allowed this year? A: Given the likely capacity restriction, guests will not be allowed.
  5. Q: If a member elects to move to inactive status can they play Tennis?  A: No. Inactive members are not allowed to be at the facility at all.
  6. Q: Will I be able to shower and use the locker rooms?  A: No.  You will need to shower before you come to the pool.  We plan to leave one stall for each bathroom open, but we will utilize external gates for entrance and exit. Members will not enter and exit through locker rooms.
  7. Q: Will there be an early morning lap swim?  A: We will try to accommodate lap swim if there is interest.
  8. Q: Who will ensure there is social distancing?  A: We are counting on the adults to be responsible, but lifeguards may blow the whistle at kids if they are not keeping their distance.
  9. Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable about the pool opening this summer?  A: You are in no way obligated to go to the pool.
  10. Q: Why did we decide to fill the pool?  A: First, the Dupage County Health Department informed pool operators that if they don’t get filled and become a mosquito health hazard, fines will be levied.  Second, when the pool is covered for the winter, it is approximately 90% full.  If left alone, we would have all sorts of issues with things growing into drains, filters and would end up with a jungle in there.  Third, the main pump is designed to run and not sit idle.  The water running through it actually preserves longevity. A new pump costs around $25,000.
  11. Q: What If I jump in the pool at midnight when nobody’s watching before July 1st?  A: The water is 55 degrees.
  12. Q: Will the Shark Shack be open this summer?
    A: The Shack operator is ready to open if allowed.  If the health department allows it to open this year, then we assume there will be a limited menu and other restrictions.
  13. Q:  Can I wait to pay dues until I know if the pool will open?
    A:  Annual dues are to be paid by May 22nd.  If you pay after that date, then there is a late fee assessed.
  14. Q:  When can I play tennis?
    A:  As soon as the top coat is dry and cured an email will be sent out to all members that are up to date on all 2020 dues, any back dues and assessments.
  15. Q: Where do I send my dues payment?
    A: Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club, c/o Renee Hacker, 1083 Stone Ct, Naperville, Il 60563

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Restrictions & Guidelines For Phase 3  – aka The New Rules to follow while visiting Saybrook Pool. 

  • Members only. No guests.
  • Members that have chosen inactive status this year must pay the balance of dues in order to use the pool or tennis facilities. 
  • A lifeguard will be on duty checking member status upon entering the pool. 
  • Members will be required to register through an online tool for adult lap swim and open lap swim. 
  • Before signing up for a time slot, members have to sign an electronic waiver on behalf of yourself and your family
  • The capacity during adult lap swim and open lap swim will be 20 members. Swim conditioning and water polo conditioning have different capacities based on IDPH spacing guidelines.
  • All lane lines will be in the pool during lap swim. Swimmers are expected to follow the IDPH guidelines of swimming or exercising while in the pool and not standing still.
  • Members should stay home when they are sick, not feeling well, or have come in contact with someone that is known to be sick.
  • All members will be asked to take their own temperature before coming to the pool or will have their temperature checked before entering the grounds. No one with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be admitted to the pool.
  • All members will need a face covering with them (except for children age 2 or younger and members with medical restrictions that inhibit their ability to cover their face).  Members should cover their mouth and nose when waiting in line to enter or exit the facility.
  • While on the grounds, if you are able to maintain appropriate physical distancing, you are not required to wear face coverings. Swimmers should NOT wear face coverings while in the water.
  • Swimmers should come to the pool already showered and dressed in their swimsuit and use the restroom at home prior to arrival.  Restrooms will be available, but we’re trying to minimize use. Members are encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands after using the restrooms.
  • At the end of each session, the whistle will blow and families will be asked to quickly and safely leave the pool deck, taking all of their belongings with them. During this time, staff will perform a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the bathrooms and high touch surfaces. 
  • The next group of swimmers will not be allowed onto the deck until the previous group has left the facility. 
  • A limited number of chairs and tables will be available.
  • Members will ENTER through the front door and check-in with the lifeguard at the front desk. Only swimmers that are registered through the online tool will be admitted during phase 3 lap swim.
  • To avoid clustering, members will EXIT through the east black gate into the parking lot.
  • The club will NOT maintain a “lost & found.”  All items left behind will be disposed of at the end of the day.  The guards will not be loaning out toys or goggles.
  • There will be no concession sales at this time.  Drinks in covered non-glass containers are allowed.
  • In the event of inclement weather, you will not be able to use the pool during your scheduled time. There are no make-up times and members are asked to sign up for a new time.