Membership at Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club

Current Saybrook Bath and Racquet Club Bond Holders

Your Board of Directors have been busy planning out the 2018 swim and tennis season and are looking forward to joining you this summer for sunshine and fun at Saybrook.

2018 Family membership dues will remain at $575 if paid prior to May 1, 2018. Dues received after May 1, 2018 will be $625. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the budget please feel free to reach out to us.

If you are planning on participating in another fun summer at Saybrook please return the member information form along with your 2018 dues. Please note that the membership information is needed to fulfill our insurance requirement.

In the mean time, please know that we are working diligently to bring you an exciting family focused experience this summer. We look forward to seeing you at Saybrook Bath and Racquet Club!

Please remit your 2017 dues payable to Saybrook Bath and Racquet club and member information form to:

Renee Hacker
1083 Stone Court
Naperville, IL 60563

New Membership at Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club

Thank you for your interest in Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club! Our 2018 season is fast approaching and plans are being made for the opening of our pool. We are looking forward to another great summer of swimming, tennis and social activities and hope your family will be there to join us!

Membership choices are as follows:

Purchase a Trial Membership: $600
Trial Memberships are available one time for any family and cannot be renewed. If you have been a trial or equity member of Saybrook at any time then you are not eligible for this membership. If that is the case, please contact me and we can discuss your options.

Trial members enjoy all of the privileges of Equity members with the exception of voting rights. The Trial membership expires at the end of the 2016 season.

Purchase an Equity Membership: $3,350 Bond purchase
Equity membership dues are $575 if paid prior to May 1, 2018 or $625 thereafter. Because your membership decision requires a significant financial investment, we can send you a copy of the SBRC By-laws for your review. 2018 Equity memberships purchased directly from SBRC may be paid in up to two installments over not more than 90 days, but prior to July 1, 2018

Purchase a bond from and existing member
You do have the option of purchasing a bond from a member who is moving or selling their bond for other reasons. Upon the transfer of the bond to you, a transfer fee payment of $670 is due to Saybrook. The seller and you should determine which party would take the responsibility of the payment and you should consider this in your purchase decision.

Also, any past dues or assessments that are connected to the bondholder need to be paid before a new bond is issued. It is highly recommended that you check with the Membership chairman to identify the amounts of any past dues or assessments. The amounts would need to be paid by the seller or buyer prior to a new bond being issued. These potential costs should be considered when negotiating the sale price of the bond.

Membership Information

Please complete the membership information form and return it with your annual dues.  It is needed to fulfill our insurance requirement.

New Membership Form

Please complete these forms if you are purchasing a bond directly from Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club or if you are purchasing a trial membership.


Membership Chair
Ashley Molidor