Tennis Programs

Women’s Team
To play team this year, we are requesting that you commit to playing a minimum of 3 summer Friday matches. We are offering a Women’s Competitive Non-Team Drill this year if you are interested in drilling with Dana and improving your game without the commitment of team matches. We are looking for 10-12 players per team to avoid forfeits due to players scheduling constraints and summer vacations. Matches are played Friday mornings either at 8 am or 10am.

The league voted on a 8 week season starting June 1st, first match will be June 9th continuing through Friday on July 28th. There will be no drills on July 3rd and 4th.

JV Team
Junior team is for those entering into 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Depending on our numbers, we may have to have two teams as shown on the registration form. The first team practice will be Monday June 5th and will run for 8 weeks.  There will be no drills on July 3rd.   The league voted to have a tournament format this season rather than dual meets.  Certain clubs will host tournaments on Friday’s in order to accommodate tennis clubs with smaller teams.  More information will follow, once we receive schedules from the league.

Varsity Team
The Varsity team is for high school age players.  Jr High advanced players can be placed on the Varsity team at the Pro’s discretion.  The Varsity season will start Monday June 5th and run 8 weeks.  Like the JV team, they will also have a tournament format this season.  Specific dates and locations will follow when schedules are released.

Team Levels
Team Levels are roughly as follows: A teams – 4.0+, B1- 3.7 – 3.9, B2 – 3.5 – 3.7, C team – 3.0-3.5. If you have any questions regarding your level, feel free to contact Dana at They conduct free ratings at Naperville Tennis Club as well.

Registrations are due back by April 24th. This is a HARD deadline this year due to several factors. Please commit as early as you can. All spots are a first come, first serve basis. If those spots are not filled and based on our needs for each team, we will look for permanent subs to round out those teams at this time. Confirmation on the number of teams each club has needs to be confirmed by May 1st to allow for proper scheduling and court availability. Registration forms can be dropped off @ 308 E Bauer Rd.

Tennis Lessons
Sign-up is for an 8 week session starting June 6th. We will make sure the coaches mix up the lessons each week, keep things fun and active for the kids during the entire session.

Class Make-Ups will be held throughout the season. We will do our best to make up those classes that get cancelled due to weather as we go along. We will ensure at least one make- up per month.

Registrations are due back by May 13th. This is a HARD deadline this year due to several factors. Please commit as early as you can. All spots are a first come, first serve basis.  Registration forms can be drop off @ 216 Tanglewood Lane in the mail box slot by the garage.

New this year – a Competitive Non-Team Drill! This drill is for the ladies that are looking to drill and improve their game with Dana with no team commitments.

If giving tennis a try has always been a goal of yours – this is your year! We are offering a Beginner Tennis Class once a week. It’s great exercise and so much fun!

Men’s Drill / Coed Drill
Looking to drill but can’t commit to a full season of tennis on Monday evenings for the Men’s Drill. A punch card is available this year. Please see registration form for details.

Grab your partner or friends and come out for our Coed Drill on Wednesday evenings this summer. Nothing better than enjoying an evening on the courts.

Save the Dates  – Tennis Summer Socials 

Sunday July 10th 6 – 8pm / Adult Wine and Cheese Mixer

Cost $5 per doubles team

Each doubles team will bring their favorite wine, priced $10 – 20 range. In between playing a round robin format, you can enjoy cheese & crackers ( which will be provided) and your beverage of choice (brought by you). You will earn points for each game won and at the conclusion of play, teams will get to bring home their choice of wine, team with the highest number of points will choose first, follwed by second highest, etc…

Please RSVP to Melissa Peterson via email at by July 5th, space will be limited!

Sunday August 14th 6-8pm / Adult Margarita Tennis Mixer

Cost $5 per person

Please bring your favorite margarita pitcher or mexican beer while enjoying chips, salsa and guacamole. During this mixer, you will get a change to play with a variety of partners and earn points to your individual total. Highest scoring woman and highest scoring man will each win a gift card to a Naperville Mexican Restaurant.

Please RSVP to Melissa Peterson via email at by August 9th, space will be limited.

Join us for the Saybrook Tennis post-season.  We will run both adult and youth lessons/drills for a six week session.   Classes will be held from August 22nd – September 28th.

Tennis Team Registration

Registration for all levels of tennis teams are due no later than April 22nd and are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Tennis Lesson and Non-Team Registration

Registration for all levels of lessons / drills are due no later than May 13th and are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Pre-Season Tennis

Pre-Season tennis registration form for all levels.


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