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Returning Members

Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club offers several membership options so that you can get the most out of your summer experience. If you are planning on participating in another fun summer at Saybrook, the Member Information Form on the website MUST be completed. Please note that the membership information is needed to fulfill our insurance requirement. Please note that all unpaid dues are accrued and applied to your bond at the time of sale.

Family Membership: A family membership includes everyone in your household and up to 2 caretakers that must be noted in the your membership dashboard. This person can change from summer to summer. All other guests must pay a guest fee to enter the pool. The cost is $5 per guest per day.

Senior Membership: Any individual or couple over the age of 55 is eligible, but this status does not include extended family, children, and/or grandchildren. They are considered a guest and must pay the guest fee. The cost is $5 per guest per day.

Inactive Membership: If you do not plan on using the pool for a summer, you may switch to Inactive status. Inactive status ensures that your bond stays in good standing, but you are not eligible to use the pool in any capacity.

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New Membership at Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club

Thank you for your interest in Saybrook Bath & Racquet Club! We are looking forward to another great summer of swimming, tennis and social activities and hope your family will be there to join us! Membership choices are as follows:

Trial Membership: Not available at this time, please check back later.

Trial Memberships are available one time only. A trial membership cannot be renewed or extended for an additional summer. If you have been a trial or equity member of Saybrook at any time then you are not eligible for a trial membership. Trial members enjoy all of the privileges of Equity members (swim team, swim lessons, water polo, social events, etc.) with the exception of voting rights. The Trial membership expires at the end of the summer season – the last day the pool is open.

New Bond – Equity Membership: Not available at this time, please check back later.

A new equity membership bond may be purchased through the pool. On top of the bond purchase membership dues must be paid for that first summer.  Because your membership decision requires a significant financial investment, memberships purchased directly from SBRC may be paid in up to two installments over not more than 90 days, but prior to July 1. To purchase a new bond please email Membership.

Existing Bond – Equity Membership: Private Transaction

You do have the option of purchasing a bond from an existing pool member who is looking to sell their bond. This is a private transaction, so the price is agreed upon by the buyer and seller. Additionally, in order to complete a bond transfer a transfer fee payment of $670 is paid directly to the Saybrook Bath and Racquet Club by either the buyer or seller. The seller and you should determine which party will take responsibility for the transfer fee and should be considered in your purchase decision. In addition to the bond purchase and transfer fee, membership dues must be paid for that first summer.

Please note that any unpaid past dues or assessments that the existing bondholder has, must be paid prior to the bond transfer.  These potential costs, along with the transfer fee, should be considered when negotiating the sale price of the bond. If you are interested in purchasing an existing bond, the pool keeps a list of people that are interested in selling. You can request to receive a copy of this list by contacting Membership.

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