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Today's Hours - 12p to 9p  
Rules & Regulations

General Regulations

  • Admission to the club is by check-in with a SBRC employee at the front desk.  Membership records will be maintained for each family, Senior, or Trial Membership.
  • All members/guests are expected to comply with the established rules/regulations.
  • The Manager or Head Guard/s are authorized to interpret the rules and take disciplinary action when necessary
  • Any members with unpaid membership dues will not be allowed to access the facility until dues are paid in full. This includes participating in socials, tennis, swim team, water polo, etc.
  • Children under (10) years in age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult or babysitter of at least (13) years of age.  After 6PM children under (12) years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Saybrook is a smoke-free facility. Smoking or vaping are not permitted. This includes the parking lot.
  • No food or drink allowed on the pool deck or in the baby pool. Water is the exception.
  • Non-swimmers must be accompanied and supervised in the large pool by an adult at all times.  Guards reserve the right to restrict large pool use by members/guests who do not display adequate swim skills
  • All swimmers under the age of (18) will be subject to an enforced rest period the last 15 minutes of every hour.  Lifeguards are exempt from this rule.
  • Toys six inches or larger may be used in the baby pool.
  • Subject to the following provisions, flotation devices are not allowed at Saybrook pool. For minor children of members who (i) are over the age of 5, or weigh at least 50 lbs., (ii) have been diagnosed with a developmental disorder, and (iii) as a result of such developmental disorder, cannot safely use any pool facilities without both a life vest and being accompanied by a parent or other qualified adult caretaker, their parent and/or guardian may apply to the Board for special permission to use an approved life vest for the current pool season. The application and corresponding requirements for this exemption for minor children of members can be found here. For adult members that cannot safely use any pool facilities without an approved special flotation device, such member and/or legal guardian may request an annual exemption from the general policy on a year-by-year basis. [Updated 6/8/2022]
  • Profane or abusive language will not be tolerated
  • Employees of the club are not to be reprimanded by members of the club.  Suggestions/complaints are to be written or communicated to the club president or member of the board.
  • Pool rules are not to be discussed with lifeguards while they are on active duty in guarding chairs.  Pool rules/questions may be discussed with the manager on duty
  • Members/guests use the club facilities at their own risk.  The club is not responsible for destruction, theft, loss, or damage to the property of any member or guest
  • The member shall pay for any property of the club that is broken or damaged by a member or his/her guest
  • Any member who intentionally allows an unauthorized person to use their membership status will be subject to a loss of privileges as determined by the Board of Directors
  • All items left in the “lost and found” over 10 days will be disposed of.

General Ground Rules

  • Parking is permitted in the parking lot area.  The club will not be responsible for theft or damage to any automobile or bicycle
  • Animals are not permitted at any time
  • All eating and drinking must be confined to the “patio” or “grass” area.
  • Food and Beverages are NOT allowed on the pool deck with the exception of water which must be in a plastic container.  Glass is not allowed on the pool deck.
  • The pool manager must approve all notices/signs
  • No solicitation is allowed without prior Board consent
  • Tennis Courts are to be used for Tennis play only.  The courts are off limits for any other activity


  • All persons are strongly encouraged to take a shower before entering the pool
  • Any person having a communicable disease, infection, or open would will be denied admission to the pool
  • Swimwear is required-no cut-off shorts etc.
  • Spitting/spouting of water is forbidden
  • Swim diapers are required on all children that are not toilet trained.  Rubber pants are also recommended
  • Only clean soft-soled footwear is allowed on the pool deck


  • Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) unassisted before being allowed to swim in the deep area.
  • No one will be permitted in the pool while lifeguards are not on duty
  • Running is not permitted
  • The diving area is strictly reserved for diving from the board.  Only one person at a time will be allowed on the board.  Divers are allowed only once bounce on the board each time.  Once in the water, divers must swim to the pool edge/ladder.
  • Rough play, towel snapping, dunking, etc are prohibited
  • The baby pool is for children age (6)  and younger.  The child must be supervised at all times by a person 17 years or older.
  • Playing/Hanging on the lane lines or float rope is prohibited

Private Parties

  • Private parties are to be arranged at least two weeks in advance.
  • Private parties are allowed only during normal pool operating hours.
  • The contracted party sponsors are responsible for all actions of their guests.
  • The pool grounds must be left in the “as found” condition.
  • Pool guards and management are not allowed to participate in party activities.
  • The pool does not close down for private parties.
  • See Private Party Rental Information form for more information.

Guest Rules

  • Guest charges are $5.00 per day per guest.  There is no charge for children (3) and under, Seniors (60) and over or for the grandchildren of senior members.  A pool member must accompany guests at all times.
  • Any guest that comes to the pool, regardless of age or who’s guest they are, is only allowed to use the pool a maximum of three (3) times each season unless special approval is obtained from the Board.
  • Any non-full-time babysitter who comes with the parents and children they work for will be considered a guest of the pool and be required to pay a guest fee.  Sitters who come in lieu of parents to supervise children will not be required to pay a guest fee.
  • Non-Custodial parents who are not members accompanying children to the pool are required to pay guest fees.
  • Members cannot exceed 5 guests per visit during pool hours.
  • The total number of guests allowed in the pool at any time is subject to the discretion of the pool manager on duty.

Tennis Play

  • Players are required to wear non-marking, smooth-soled tennis shoes, and suitable tennis attire at all times.
  • Tennis etiquette should be practiced.
  • Courts are reserved for tennis play only.
  • Unattended children should not be in the tennis area.
  • Court time may be reserved in advance by signing your family name to the reservation sheet in the guardhouse.
  • Court reservations will be 1-hour increments for singles play and 1 ½ hours for doubles play.
  • Adults 18 and older shall have first call on the courts weekdays from 5pm to darkness and from noon to darkness on weekends.  Members who fail to show up within 10 minutes of a reserved time will give up their court privileges.

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